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26th May, Wednesday, 6.00pm

27th May, Thursday, 8.00am - 5.00pm

First session: 9.00am

  • Chair: Keith Hansen, World Bank

  • Welcome Address:
    Dr. Bergis Schmidt-Ehry, GTZ, Tanzania [speech]
    Dr. Assia Brandrup-Lukanow, GTZ Headquarters [speech]

  • Opening: Guest of Honour: Hon. William V. Lukuvi, Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office,
Key notes:
  • Franklyn Lisk, ILO: Technical cooperation with partners from the public & private sector

  • Malcolm McPherson; Harvard University:
    HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies and Programs for the Public and Private Sector [presentation]

  • Plenary Discussion

  • Rapporteur: Dr. Bernhard Liese, Georgetown University: Summary of the discussion

Working groups: (12.00 -13.00)

  • Working Group 1: Public sector (Education)
    Input: J.B: Ssemakula, Ministry of Education, Uganda [presentation]
    Facilitator: Elsa Meinzer, GTZ Uganda

  • Working Group 2: Public Sector (Health)
    Input: Dr. Tesfamicael Ghebrehiwet, International Council of Nurses [presentation]
    Facilitator: Dr. Emmanuel Malangalila, World Bank

  • Working Group 3: Public Sector (Public Sector Administration)
    Input: Ndivhuwo Chauke, Department of Public Service & Administration, South Africa [presentation]
    Input: Alan Leather, Public Services International [presentation]
    Facilitator: Aziz Jardine, GTZ South Africa

  • Working Group 4: Private Sector
    Input: Natalie Mayet, BMW SA
    Input: Dr. Alex Govender, Volkswagen SA [presentation]
    Facilitator: John Sikira, Unilever Tanzania (tbc)

Key components of the working groups: prevention, health & care, human resource management, monitoring and evaluation, community involvement, quality standards of comprehensive Workplace Programmes

  • Continued Working Groups: (14.00- 15.30)

Chair: Ines Lopez, UNAIDS (tbc)

  • Plenary: Feedback from the Working Groups (16.00 - 17.30)

  • Closure Day 1: Ms Rose Lugembe, Permanent Secretary, Prime Minister's Office and Chairperson of the GF-CCM

28th May, Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Chair: Peter Conze, GTZ (tbc)
Rapporteur: Summary of the first day and Introduction to day 2
Plenary presentations: Leveraging Public-Private Partnerships

Plenary discussion (10.00 - 10.30)

Working Groups based on countries:
Partnerships between the private and the public sector (11.00 - 13.00)

Key components of the working groups: Policies, strategic plans, tools, mobilization of partners; data collection, implementation; M&E, access to global finance; mainstreaming

Chair: Franklyn Lisk, ILO (tbc)

  • Plenary: Feedback from the Working Groups

  • Rapporteur: Dr. Bernhard Liese, Georgetown University - key themes of the WGs, suggestions, key issues

  • Plenary Discussion

Meeting of the Drafting Committee (15.45 - 16.15), Facilitator: Dr. Rolf Korte

Chair: Dr. Rolf Korte, GTZ

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Symposium Co-Organizers:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. International Labour Organisation (ILO) The World Bank